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NITE: A New Pilot

Three mismatched friends find themselves unwittingly thrown into the crazy world of fame, crime, politics, big bucks, and flat out hilarious situations. Nite brings out a side of each woman that she never knew she had. Each becomes empowered and finds the courage to transform her life as a result of the circumstances that Nite has presented to her. The eccentric trio must overcome their quirks to win over the wild world of Nite.

– Savage Spell Productions

We just wrapped on the new pilot “Nite” written by Leah Danielle and produced by Pat Patterson and Scott Strickland. I play Shelly, a bit of an awkward woman who is convinced her boyfriend (played by Justin C. Shilling) is cheating on her. This leads her to drag her best friend Fran (played by Dylan Brown) and her cousin Vanessa (played by Rosie Mercado) through some very interesting situations. We had a blast going location to location and working on this hilarious script. We also had the pleasure of working with Eric Roberts (brother of Julia Roberts) on a couple of scenes.

Being my New York film debut, working on this show has opened my eyes to what I am capable of and the amazing world of film thriving in New York. I can’t wait to see where this show goes next!

Check us out on IMDB for updates:

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